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Quality Stock&Service Delivery Consulting
We keep various stock capable to meet customers' needs at competitive price.The products can be cut to measure for use and delivered.
We have the largest variety stock in the quality and size in Japan basing which we can meet customer's urgent needs at competitive price.
The products can be delivered after cutting to the requested measure by the customer. As we have opened 2nd Pipe Center in Sakura and new Pipe Center in Osaka in addition to existing Pipe Center in Sakura (12,000m2 of the site), we improved the quantity and size/quality range of products in our stock. We can provide not only stainless steel pipes and tubes but also other stainless steel items, high nickel alloy and titanium items.
Our company can be utilzed as customers' stock yard to meet the every needs of customers.
Stock&Service/Various Stock and Scrupulous Service Best Solution for Stainless Steel Products
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